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HVAC Contractor COVID-19 Checklist

hvac contractorIf you run a company offering HVAC services with a team of qualified contractors, you would like to know how to serve the customers better and prevent COVID-19.

The world is going through the toughest of the times. Shutting down the business and asking the employees to stay home is one way to prevent the pandemic spread. But, not all companies can shut down.

The HVAC sector has a responsibility to ensure proper cooling, ventilation, heating, insulation, and more homes. When people are staying at home, they would like to have a comfortable stay. So, the HVAC sector cannot sit back home. Therefore, every HVAC contractor is expected to follow safety measures to prevent the spread if COVID-19.

  • Ask the ill employees to stay at home if they have a fever.
  • Limit team gathering and encourage social distancing.
  • All the staff work from home, if possible.
  • Provide gloves to team members.
  • Encourage wearing a mask in the office as well as on the field.
  • Encourage teammates for non-touch work and deliveries.
  • Common vehicles should be regularly cleaned and wiped, especially the steering wheel, gear, door handles, and other high-touch areas on vehicles.
  • Before deploying a team of contractors on the field, ask the homeowner if his family members are ill?
  • Ask the teammates to prevent handshakes with customers, encourage social distancing.
  • Encourage the use of digital money.
  • If requiring a signature, ask the customer for a digital one.

Repairing ACs and heating devices while maintaining social distancing is entirely possible. However, it is essential for the contractor as well as the homeowner to use a mask while speaking. The contractor may require to touch the equipment inside and out for a thorough examination. Wearing gloves can help prevent COVID-19. Besides, handwashing and sanitizing the hands is highly advisable.

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