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Cleaning a Home Air-Conditioning Unit

Cleaning a Home Air-Conditioning UnitCleaning a home air conditioning unit is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can find so many instructions online including very detailed YouTube videos that will show you instructions on how to clean an air conditioning unit. Since home AC’s are not as complex as commercial air conditioners, you might even be able to do this on your own.

Here’s one very important precaution though – make sure you read the AC manual or at least do a bit of research before taking your AC apart to clean it. There are so many horror stories of people destroying their AC as they attempt to clean it without learning more about it first. 

The Simple Process of Cleaning a Home Air-Conditioning Unit

Every month or so, depending on how frequent you use your air-conditioning unit, it is great for you to take out the AC filter to clean or wash it. Some AC filters can be washed with water and cleaned using a gentle brush. Others are disposable and are easily replaceable. Just make sure you carefully remove it from the unit and place it back properly when it’s dry and clean. 

You can also wipe off dust and dirt on the body of your AC unit. It helps to use a vacuum cleaner in low power mode to vacuum off debris that might be inside the AC unit. Just be careful when doing this and don’t put the tip of your vacuum cleaner too close to the AC unit as it might catch loose parts. 

Make sure you clean the exterior unit of your air-conditioner too. If there are debris and dust out there, it’s best to get rid of them before a serious build-up. 

Call Experts for HVAC Maintenance

When to call for AC repair is when your AC stops working, noisy, or faulty. But even if you know about cleaning a home air-conditioning unit, you can also call experts for HVAC maintenance. These technicians will not only clean your AC unit but can also inspect it to ensure that it is in its best shape and performance.