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About Us

About Us

I’m Jon Jones and am a licenced CPA, living in St. Louis, Missouri.

I have created a living writing a number of book series that’s somewhat like Money Savers for private finance topics. I’ve been doing that full-time since 2000. Before that, I worked as a money consultant (for Wells Fargo Bank) and as a tax controller for an oversized realty company in Chicago.

This diary is devoted to spreading the thought that investment success is predicated upon cussedly following a number of (very simple) principles:

Diversifying your portfolio,
Minimizing prices (such as brokerage commissions, open-end investment company expenses, and taxes), and
Ignoring all the noise from the money media concerning what the securities market will from day to day.
In different words, if your portfolio is correctly established, it’s alright to be “oblivious” to abundant of the money media and most of the every day happenings within the market.

Jon Jones

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