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about ac tech proAC Tech Pro Tips is a blog made by AC technicians for AC technicians and anyone who wishes to learn more about AC repairs, maintenance, installations and many more.

Air-conditioners play a very important role in almost every property. Especially if you live in a place where the weather is warm most of the year or even at least a few months every year, you’d want to have an efficient air conditioner to cool you down and make you feel comfortable.

AC’s are installed in homes, offices, commercial buildings, offices, and many more areas so that occupants may feel comfortable at all times. For an air conditioner to be efficient, it must be regularly maintained and clean.

This is why we created this blog. Many would ask us about what we do and why we do maintenance or repairs to air conditioners. It is a great beginning for those who wish to start an AC tech career or for property owners who simply want to learn more about what’s with their AC system.

Of course, we also work on many HVAC systems so we are here to talk about all things HVAC too.

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